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Macon Computer Repair

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Macon Computer Repair

Why Come To Us?
For excellent service, of course!

Everyone has trouble with their computer sooner or later. Computer won’t start? It runs too slow? Can't get online? Ran out of hard drive space? Want to burn DVDs and CDs and can’t? Need a faster processor or more memory? Hard drive crashed? Virus infection? Browser hijacked? Internet connection problems? Want to share your internet connection and/or files? There's no need to get upset and frustrated. I'll fix it right!

MCR's mission is simple. Small business or residential, I'm here to provide affordable computer repairs that do not skimp on excellence, and as my many satisfied customers attest, excellence is no idle boast.

Many computer repair companies only focus on one thing - their bottom line. I don't sacrifice top-notch service to get more jobs done. I work hard to provide you with a high standard of computer and laptop repair work to make your small business or home computer system reliable and pleasant to use.

My service rates are significantly lower than most companies in northeast Missouri, but the quality of service is second to none.

I don't pile up line items in the invoice. I do not recommend services or parts you do not need. I do not promise that I can fix your computer when I can't. Nor will I promise to deliver in less time than it takes to do the work right.

When you visit, I will do my best to give an accurate estimate of costs, and when I perform the job, I'll work hard to give you the best results possible. That's why MCR is one of the very best computer repair shops in the region.