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Web Site Design
Make your mark on the web

Macon Computer Repair can design and build simple web sites for you or your company / organization. We can make either static sites or sites built using extensive Flash animation.

Note that we do not build sites that need programming. We specialize in web presence sites. Companies such as Onshore Technology Services are available locally for people who need their sites to perform complex tasks.

Several companies and individuals in the Macon area have already used our web design services, such as Heartland Wildlife, Macon CDCC, Pampered Puppy Haven, Foggy Bottom Ranch, Charley's Service, Integrity Insurance, Jepson's Lumber, and many others.


New web site: $300. New site designs include a home page, contact page, and a simple "about us" page. Additional pages are $50 each.

Redesigning an existing web site: $150 for the first three pages. $20 for each page after the first three.

Creating an additional page for an existing web site: $50

Modifying a page in an existing web site: $20-$40, depending on the amount of modification required.