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What can we do for you?

Macon Computer Repair knows that it’s important for you to know just how much you’ll be spending before you are handed the invoice. With that in mind, MCR has a clear price policy designed to keep the costs easy to understand. All prices are flat-rate. On site services are charged an uncomplicated hourly rate.

The first step is defining the job. You may already have an idea about what you want to accomplish, be it virus removal, a hardware upgrade, fixing a specific software problem, or purchasing a peripheral device like a mouse, keyboard, speakers, monitor, or printer. Other times, you may just know that your computer is not working right. I can diagnose your system to find out what’s happening and what I can do about it. I will also determine what kind of hardware is already installed in your computer, and advise you about possible upgrade options.


On-Site Service (Not normally offered)

Since my former partner left the company, MCR no longer offers any-time off site service. That's because it's better overall if you bring your computer, tablet, or phone to the shop, where flat-rate pricing is in effect, rather than hourly rates. It's also because MCR is a UPS shipping location, and the shop needs to be open during its posted hours for it.

If you need to have someone come to you, I recommend calling Chariton Valley, which offers on site services. If you absolutely need for me to come, then the following rates apply, and the call will be scheduled for non-business hours.

Mileage charges have a $5.00 minimum.

General In-Home Service: $60/hr + Mileage
I will come to your location to diagnose and, if possible, fix whatever problem you may be having. Please note that network and dial-up modem problems usually must be repaired on-site. If a computer cannot be fixed on-site in a reasonable amount of time, I will ask permission to take it back to the shop for service, and you will be charged for a pick-up instead. Labor costs includes initial diagnosis. 1 hour minimum charge.

Pick up/ Drop off: $20 + Mileage
I will collect your system for shop servicing, or deliver it after in-shop services. Drop-off does not include setting up the computer.

Computer installation Service: $60 + Mileage
I will deliver and/or set up your computer, including connecting it to your internet service and/or home or office network, and install peripheral devices such as printers. Additional tasks will be charged our standard $60/hour rate.

Business Network Service: $70/hr + Mileage

In-Shop Service

Computer Diagnosis: $40
I will find out what’s wrong and how much it will cost to fix it. I will also report your hardware configuration. This service is normally used for insurance claims, and you're paying for a printed report.

Simple Hardware or Software Installation: $40
I install hardware or software, and make certain it works properly. This includes testing new memory for defects.

Complex Hardware Installations: $60
I install multiple parts and/ or motherboards. Notebook motherboard and LCD screen installations fall under this charge. PC motherboard installations fall under this charge.

Data Backup, Recovery, or Migration: $60
I will back up and/or migrate your data to a new computer or hard drive. I will attempt to recover data from a damaged or erased hard drive or flash memory (not a guaranteed service.) Includes one DVD or CD on request. Additional disks cost extra.

Tune-up Service : $60
I remove any and all viruses that are detectable and attempt to repair the operating system. Not a guaranteed service. Only recommended if there are irreplaceable programs on the computer. Note that this sometimes takes longer than reinstalling the operating system.

Operating System Installation: $100
-$20 if I do not need to backup data from the computer. I back up personal data such as email, pictures, documents, music, desktop, and installation files, then perform a clean reinstallation of the licensed operating system. If you wish an upgrade or downgrade of the OS, a new product key must be purchased or supplied.

Warranty Negotiations: $40
I’ll contact your manufacturer's technical support and get your warranty honored so you don’t have to spend hours on the phone trying to understand what they are saying.