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Our Antivirus Solutions
Programs to help you stay safe

Macon Computer Repair installs anti-malware solutions on your PC. These programs are intended to assist you in preventing malware infections on your computer, but please keep in mind that no antivirus program is one hundred percent effective in keeping your computer clean. How you use the Internet has a much greater effect on the risks.

Avast AntivirusThe first program we install is a free version of Avast! Antivirus. Avast! is an excellent program, chosen because it is cost effective as well as useful. The free version can be run indefinitely by selecting the option when prompted after its initial trial period, or you can purchase a license online to add more protection.

MCR offers the option of installing Bitdefender, and can license it internally.

UncheckyHave you noticed that downloaded software installers try to add unwanted programs by default? One missed checkbox can cause hours of removing adware, pop-up spam pages, or resetting your browser's homepage and search engine. Unchecky is designed to keep potentially unwanted programs out of your computer by attempting to remove the check marks from program installation files.

SASThe second program is an anti-spyware program that also watches for viruses and other forms of malware, and which has a free edition available. It's called SuperAntiSpyware, and we install a trial of the Pro version. SuperAntiSpyware is a very good companion program for AVG as the two programs do not conflict with each other, as two dedicated antivirus programs would. The license we sell for SuperAntiSpyware is $24.99 for one year. Click here for a comparison of the free version versus the licensed Pro version.